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~Summer Vacation~
By the way...

Do you have any plans for a summer vacation this year,
or are you just going to take it easy around the homefront?
I am just going to take it easy around the homefront. We're going to have a family reunion this summer--my sisters and their families are all going to be here and we have a LOT to celebrate! B and her clan are moving stateside after hubby has retired from the military, M and her hubby have purchased a gorgeous home and are having a blast gardening and re-doing the house, and Dad has turned the big 70! So, there is lots and lots going on. It's always so much fun for us to be all together!
Otherwise, I'm thrilled to NOT be hospitalized!!!

If you could go absolutely anywhere on vacation this summer where would it be? This year I have no desire to go somewhere, but the dream of my vaction would be the ability to cover all finances for everyone for the summer vacation. To have a HUGE party for us and for family friends... to cover costs of hotels and transportation (gas is $3.14/gal)... and to make sure that the kids all have "enough" to do. That would be a dream.

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