because sometimes (again)...

So, a follow-up on the conversation I had last night:

We spent some time talking today and I fully expressed everything in the rant I wrote last night. I said all of it--how I talk about our relationship in therapy, how my mantra is to accept her for who she is... how last night's phone call had me in a wild tizzy. I told her all of it. I even told her why I thought she was saying those ridiculous things to me (on the phone and in the email) and how it took me several reads before I wasn't cranked over that email about the salad ingredients.

I'm probably not using words that make much sense in the order in which I am putting them... but, today was a cleansing day for me. I even talked about the pushing my buttons part, the picking at me part, and the establishing boundaries part.

It'll take a while to settle from this conversation. I'll have to replay it in my mind and capture the emotions of what was said by both of us. Actually, she seemed surprised at how I talked to her about it, how I just opened up and said it all. And I owned it. I owned up to my response to her emails and our silly argument over trivial things and said what I had to say.

I feel strong. And I feel good. And I'm exhausted. Dr. Therapy will be proud!

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Princess LadyBug said...

Well I'm certainly proud of you. And despite my being quiet here and in the group, you know where I am. I'm always here for you.

Love you bunches!