tuesday twosome

1. Pessimistic or optimistic person? Explain. Oh, I think I'm more of an optimist. Even when I'm at my darkest I know there's another chance to get things right in the morning.

2. Stubborn or docile person? Explain. Hmmm... well, I'm not a push-over but I also don't seek out conflict. What does that make me?

3. Annoying or agreeable person? Explain. My students would definitely say annoying... hahaha... but in general I am agreeable. There aren't too many people I want to pinch.

4. Cautious or impetuous person? Explain. This one is really tough. I go with my gut but I am cautious. I am spontaneous but I don't think anyone would call me a hot-head.

5. Generous or stingy person? Explain. Generous... oh, generous.

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