situation sunday

# 8

#1} A sibling or closest friend for one reason or another asks you to supply the eggs, or give birth to baby for them. Could you? I am not able to carry a child or give birth so that is easy to say no to. As for donating eggs--hey, if they want'em they can have them.

#2} Your aging parents who live in another state, have arrived on your door step, and they have declared they are now going to live out the rest of their lives with you. How do you handle that? Nice thing about living in a one-bedroom apartment on the second floor: not much chance of having aging anyone live with me. If it was someplace more spacious, I would love to have them and the opportunity to take care of them.

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Helena said...

The last time my Momma' came over it must have been 10 years or so, and she had to sit going down the stairs all the way down. The second has its good and bad points. Bottle bug is gone I rehydrated my self all day on juices.