situation sunday

# 7

1} Your best friend who you have known your whole life, tells you the person you are dating and plan to marry is total wrong for you and no good. And that person hates your best friend. What do you do if anything? I would listen to each of them and go with my gut. I actually have known my bestie for almost my whole life so I value her insight. And, I honestly can't imagine getting married.

2} You have just won the largest jackpot in history. How is your life going to change? What will you do first? Everything about my life will change. First, a call to a financial planner, who can help me get all the details taken care of before anything else. Second, quit my job. Third, help my family with their financial needs in a tax-appropriate manner. Fourth, set up some charitable foundations for my very favorite causes. After that... have fun!!!!!

3} Someone you are close to is dying.You are the POA. You have the power to save them, { wither the money for a cure, or a organ that you can give them} they tell you no, they are ready to die. What do you do? I would help them die with dignity. I would honor their wishes.

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