situation sunday

# 6

1}What if you were that guy looking at the shrub that your neighbor just had done? How would you feel and what would you do? If it was the front yard I might invite the local newspaper to come do a feature story about it. Something like that might be a part of a neighbor feud, and maybe getting some public attention on the situation would open both sides up for mediation. If it is in the back yard, I'd laugh at it.

2} You have just been told you have 6 months to live. What do you do and how do you spend it? I would continue doing what I am doing. I would make more of an effort to let important people in my life know how important they are to me. I would savor chocolate. I would laugh a lot and take lots of pictures. Last summer's medical crisis taught me those valuable lessons.

3}Someone you know, has called the "Super Nanny" to come to your house and help with your unruly children. You have 3 ranging from age 2 to 15. They show up to do a live show and you have no idea that they are coming. The door bell rings? You open it and you are live on TV,,,how do you handle that, and what do you do? I would grin and bear it. They've been called for a reason. Pride aside, it's truly what's best for the children. I'd get some whipped cream for my humble pie.

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Helena said...

Great job. #3 I would close the door very quickly--Change my clothes, clean the house then open the door and thankfull they left.