situation sunday

# 5

1}You work in a busy Doctors office. You are a receptionist. You have over heard the doctor telling this guy he has caught a venereal disease. And it is untreatable. You recognize the guy as a neighbor. Deep down you know the guy will never mention it to his wife. Do you bring up the subject with his wife as you are talking? This is a great ethical dilemma. But, to keep my job I would not reveal that I know; besides, to be hired in the first place there are lots of legal confidentiality papers that must be signed. It isn't my position to tell this man's wife so even though I might feel uncomfortable, I would not tell her. There are times, as a teacher, I come into some confidential information that I cannot share and so I know how awkward it is to be in this position. Part of being good at what I do is knowing how to respond. There are channels in place to release that information and a good employee will explore those channels with a boss. It would reflect poorly on me, the doctor and his office practice to reveal what I know outside of the office. Reputation is everything.

2} Your going on a first date, the guy/girl pick a very inexpensive place to eat. During the whole date they tell you how they have been divorced twice, filed bankruptcy last month. Every thing is negative, you can't wait to get the hell out of there and go home. The bill arrives and they pay for it, and leave no tip. The next day flowers arrive for you, followed by numerous phone calls stating what a great time they had. Wondering when you want to go out again. How do you handle it? I would leave the tip and say that it's the least I can do for such an enjoyable meal. I would thank him for the flowers and I would say that I am not interested in pursuing the relationship. I'm blunt yet tactful enough to gently say it just isn't working for me and wish him luck for the future. I would not string him along, nor would I go on another date.

3} Your mother is on her death bed, she calls you in. She tells you that your real father is the mailman, he does not know nor does your father, as she starts to tell you more details, she dies. How do you handle what she has told you, and what do you do if anything? Uhmmm... I guess I would think she's delirious because there is too strong a family resemblance among myself and my sisters... and that within the resemblance, I look almost identical to my father's mother. So... I wouldn't do anything or say anything. Besides, at this stage in my life my father is my father, my dad, my everything.

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Thanks for playing. You always have the answers :>)