the saturday special

~Your Brand is Showing! (suggested by Marge)~

1. Food: Do you buy brand names or go for the cheaper store name brand?:
2. Clothes: Wear designer jeans/slacks with a brand name or regular department store jeans/slacks?:
3. Handbags: Buy a designer bag or look for a less expensive copy?:
4. Shoes: You got the drift, designer or a cheaper copy?:

1. Usually I go for the brand names since I shop just for me.

2. No big brand names here. That doesn't mean poor quality stuff, just not "known" names.

3. Nothing makes me happier than a purse party. As a matter of fact, one is just around the corner! It'll be fun to see what kind of designer seconds the marketer gets. (I absolutely adore my Kate Spade leather winter purse.)

4. I get quality brands but not as expensive as designer stuff. I wish I could wear all the cute shoes. But with edema, I just can't go without having my whole foot covered snugly.