just another manic monday

What's your favorite food item that is in your refrigerator right now? Lean Cuisine Margherita Pizza--once you learn how long to cook it, it's fantastic!

Do you enjoying barbecuing on the grill? no

What's something that you make often? strawberry spinach salad (just what it sounds like: bed of baby spinach, sliced strawberries drizzled with Ken's Light raspberry-walnut vinaigrette--I've added roasted chicken, almond slices or shrimp to the salad... yummmm!

What one item (kitchen gadget, appliance, food item) in your kitchen best describes your personality? Why? the dish drainer--it's a lazy shortcut to drying dishes

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She-Schenker said...

Oh! Looking at everyone's answers to this meme is making me hungry! =))