just another manic monday

What was the best day of the past week for you and why? Saturday, by far: I went out to lunch with a dear friend and we talked and laughted for three and a half hours!!! I came home and spent an enjoyable evening reading and watching shows I had taped earlier in the week. No worries.
What is the best thing about the city in which you currently live? I never go anywhere without seeing someone I know. That's a neat feeling.
What do you love most about yourself? I love that when people talk to me, they know I am really focused on them; I pay attention to small things and am a genuine listener. My whole life, people (random people, even) have confided in me and I appreciate that I am trustworthy and known for being a good listener.


MommaBoo said...

Your answer to #1 reminds me of something I would've done/said. I LOVE to "hang out" and "goofing off" with those I love.

OH! And chilling at the end of the day? Priceless!

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

There's not many people can really listen...

Thanks for stopping by :)