just another manic monday

Is it easier for you to forgive or to forget? It is much, much easier for me to forgive. Did I mention much easier? Because I mean MUCH easier.
Do you believe people can change? People can change if they are willing to do the work of change.
Has life made you more cynical or more hopeful? There are times I think I am more cynical but maybe that's being realistic. In the past year I think I've shifted to being hopeful (I wouldn't dare say more hopeful, hopeful is a start). Therapy helps a lot. A lot. Everyone should go whether the issues are obvious or not. It is the best thing I've ever done for myself. So, yeah, I guess overall I would say hopeful but I'm a natural-born cynic.

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Lisa said...

Therapy does help! There's a fine line between being realistic and being cynical. Sometimes it's finer than others!

Thanks for playing and have a fantastic week.