the it moment

In Soc class Thursday (yes, I realize it's taken me a while to write about this...) we had a class discussion about personality. Wednesday, they created a visual to represent how they see themselves and how others see them (especially their parents). As the class was sharing their visuals and talking and processing, one student became very emotional. The description was about how no one sees her as being sensitive or caring because she is self-sufficient (there's a lot more to it but...). She got emotional and I didn't respond too much because I could see it was a private moment and she was processing.

Not one other student mentioned it. They talked about all kinds of things but completely ignored the fact that someone in class got deep and vulnerable and real. I asked them what they learned about themselves and they talked about how it was hard to admit anything negative about their personality. I asked them what they learned about each other, but still no one mentioned the it moment.

Friday, I started class by asking for final thoughts about the assignment. I don't remember exactly what else I asked but I did ask for final thoughts. Some of them caught on that there was something else I wanted them to talk about and explore. I asked if they thought the assignment was difficult. We talked about that. I asked if talking about it and sharing their visuals was difficult. We talked about that. I asked if responses to their visuals was difficult... and finally, someone mentioned the tears.

I asked everyone--up and down the rows what they thought about the it moment. I could see that they were getting uncomfortable about discussing the emotions but when I finally explained that I was jumping up and down inside about the it moment, they got to talking.

They thought it was brave. They were impressed that we had the it moment. That it was a whole other side of that student. They thought it was a bit odd that I didn't comfort her, so we got to talk about that. It was definitely one of the times when as a whole class, they decided that they had held back and when I asked them if that is reflected in their personality--you could just see the lights go on over their heads. What a magical moment. And the discussion and conversation that flowed was magical.

I've been waiting for a moment like that all year. I can't wait to see what happens with nature v. nurture.

what if this is as good as it gets?

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