May 17, 2007
A Never-Ending Quest
Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may be pleased to see that your personal and professional endeavors are attracting positive attention today. Since you likely understand that this is an indication that your worldly affairs are flourishing, your outlook will no doubt be one of optimism and excitement. The success that is currently coming into your life can lead to stagnation, however, if you are not careful in your response. A well-deserved break can energize you while too long a break can dampen your enthusiasm. You will likely continue to achieve the abundance you have worked so diligently for today when you regard your triumphs as being a plateau that will ultimately serve as a foundation for continued growth.

To regard success as a source of motivation that inspires us to continue forward is to never be without the drive that prompts us to dream up new ambitions. There are people to whom triumphs represent a justification for idleness because these individuals believe that achieving a goal marks the end of a journey rather than a step on what amounts to a never-ending quest for personal and professional fulfillment. When we accomplish an aim, the intense pride and satisfaction we feel should compel us to reach out once more for those same feelings. And when we feel dismayed by the challenges that lie ahead, we can take comfort in the successes that are an established part of our personal history. You will know you are flourishing today because you can see the imprint of your future accomplishments in the achievements of your past.

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