friday's feast

feast one hundred & forty two

Appetizer Name something you would not want to own. a cat

Soup Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.). very baby-fine strawberry blond curly hair that is cut in an inverted bob and stacked in the back just between ear and chin-length.

Salad Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget ___________. Living in Ireland. It was amazing and life-changing.

Main Course Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why? I really don't have an answer for this. I'm kind of thinking it would be trippy to be Judge Judy or Dr. Ruth. Then I think it would be really cool to be Glen Close or Jennifer Aniston or some other fun actress. Maybe it would be fun to be a magician--a street performer like David Blaine or that other popular guy that I can never think of his name. Oprah would be a fun choice. So would Laura Bush--I'd like to kick my husband in my sleep. ;-)

Dessert Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not. Usually I am outwardly calm which makes me excessively sexy. Excessively. You can decide for yourself which is true and which is not.


Anonymous said...

wow! Ireland would be so cool to live. I wouldn't forget it either.

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great feast. my feast is now up.