friday five

1. At this moment, how many rolls of toilet paper are there in your house? I have about five double-rolls, I just stocked up last weekend!

2. At this moment, how many working flashlights are there in your house? three that I can think of right now

3. Do you know where some candles and matches are? I have emergency candles and matches in each room

4. If the power were to go out right now, how long could you probably get by on the food in your house? oh, gee... uhmmmmm... a week or so

5. It’s someone’s birthday, and you’ve GOT to come up with something to give him or her RIGHT NOW! What have you got? probably a beautiful journal, a nice pen and I might make them a bookmark or create a small set of note cards and I would have a lovely presentation--in a basket or wrapped in a shawl or something outside the typical presentation

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