by the way sunday

~Summer Vacation 2007~

Do you have any plans for a summer vacation this year? Nothing major planned other than a family reunion of sorts. I want to relax and focus on being healthy and strong.

Will you spend more time in the lawnchair outside or in the air conditioning inside? I don't have air conditioning, so I probably will spend more time outside in the shade.

What's your favorite cool treat? popsicles or fudgesicles; although last summer I found an easy-peasy recipe for granita.

What's your favorite summer activity? sitting in the shade and reading, or listening to music with my feet up

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~Sindee~ said...

Yum, the granita sounds good. I've never heard of it. I love fruity, icy things. Living in Maine, I imagine it doesn't get quite as hot up there as it does down here in the summer. You probably have some cool nights which I just love.
Hope you have a relaxing afternoon! :)