what's your lucky charm?

Whether you call it luck or fortune, coincidence or chance, don't you just love it when good things come your way? Well, now there's a way to keep in the good graces of lady luck. Take Tickle's What's Your Lucky Charm? test!

Kwizgiver, your lucky charm is a Four-leaf Clover

Even if you're not from the green isles, you just might share in some of that luck o' the Irish. The four-leaf clover is your lucky charm.

Druids used four leaf clovers to see evil spirits and friendly fairies. If you start seeing magical things however, we recommend laying off the clovers for a while. In fact, you don't even need to possess the actual clover. A necklace, pendant, key chain or tattoo promises the same good fortune of the ancients.

Take note brides and grooms—the mere dream of a four-leaf clover foretells of a successful marriage. Actually finding one might mean quadruplets.

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