situation sunday

# 3

1} You are either married or been with someone a long time. Life is good. Not great, but good. You meet someone that you have a great connection to. You feel strong that this is your real "Soul Mate". What do you do? I don't think Soul Mate necessarily means love of my life. So, I suppose I would talk with my husband/long term boyfriend about the connection. I do think you can have intense friendships with members of the opposite sex, as long as there is respect for fidelity. Of course, I'm saying this from my never-married current status, so I am going on the thought that if I were to get married or enter into a long-term relationship I know what I'm getting myself into. I would think at this stage of the game, it would work out well. And, ok, truth be told, I don't really believe in soul mates. Ok? There, I've said it.

2} You have inherited a large amount of money from a distant family member that you never even knew. You are the only one to get all of their fortune. They had children but due to a falling out they left them nothing. What do you do? This is a toughie. I mean, how much money: millions, thousands, what? It would be my nature to gift each of those dis-owned children the maximum gift (you know, taxes and such) or I would set up some kind of family trust, depending on the inheritance. It might also depend on how the children act toward me through the process.

3} Erase all sexual harassment, and legal laws protecting you. Could you, would you, have you slept your way to to the top? Oy! I'm a public school teacher. There's no top to sleep to. (but this question gave me a great laugh.) Maybe if I had some other type of profession my answer would be different.

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Helena said...

Great answers!!. You really don't believe in soul mates? Have you ever met some one and for some reason you have a great connection and you can't figure out why? Have a great weekend!! How do You spend your summer vacations?