situation sunday

# 2

Situation 1
1} You have dealt with a lot over the years and you want to write a book. Do you use the actual names of people and places, even thou it might hurt some ones feelings? I would not use the actual names, too many libel issues. Plus, part of the fun would be people trying to figure out who's who.

Situation 2
2} Your in a large grocer store chain and you noticed some-one very poor looking steal some meat. Do you tell?
I don't know, honestly. Having worked at that very type of store, it would be appreciated. I don't know what I would do.

Situation 3
3} A close friend of yours is getting ready to walk out the door for a special outing as you arrive, the outfit they are wearing is total hideous and looks awefull. Do you tell or pretend they look great?
I would never tell them nor would I pretend the outfit looks great. I would ask if they want some help putting an outfit together. Or, I might flat-out say, "What Not To Wear" and then give them some advice. I am usually quite well put together and often am asked for fashion advice.

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Helena said...

First - I love the name of your blog!! Thanks for playing Situation Sunday! Its very interesting to see how different people handle "situations",,,I shall be thinking of more questions for next Sunday!