saturday 8


1. when was the last time a person was able to make you very happy (non-sexually, ahem) and what did that person do to make you smile? At Therapy Thursday, someone got me. After weeks of being misunderstood, someone got me and explained me.

2. when was the last time that a person seriously pissed you off and what did they do? Let's see... seriously pissed me off... that would be at school yesterday a science teacher had a student doing his photocopying for him on the only machine available. It was during my planning period and I had a packet to put together for a couple of special ed students and their tutors. I was royally mad. DO YOUR OWN COPYING, Lazy Troll!!!

3. when was the last time an individual made you know that your were loved beyond a shadow of a doubt, and how did they show it? this is a tough one... I regularly feel loved beyond a shadow of a doubt... ok, the last time... one of my students came to visit me in the morning yesterday and said she was disappointed that I was at a meeting. It was sweet. And I felt loved.

4. when was the last time an individual guaranteed (via action or words) that they would never care about you again? this has never happened to me.

5. do you still care about that person, even a little bit? I probably do, since I am not aware of them never caring about me again.

6. when was the last time that an individual totally did something that absolutely confused you, and what was it? Two Therapy Thursdays ago one of the women said some things to intentionally dig at me (and I know that because she said she was making digs, when asked by Dr. Lisa) and I couldn't figure out why she would say stuff like that when it had no bearing whatsoever on the topic. I mean, ThTh is supposed to be processing and helping each other process... why knock someone?

7. when was the last time a person made you feel 'sexy,' and how did they accomplish that? I had a very funny email from a good (male) friend of mine that reminded me. Sometimes I am so deep into my asexual life that I forget I have a passionate side.

8. when was the last time someone made you question your belief system(s), and how did you react? I don't often question my belief system because I don't have one.

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