saturday 8

Since the Sat8 is stuck at work and will return next week, I decided to visit the archives:

work and romance
January 20, 2007

1. a high-paying job (with great benefits and minimal actual effor) at krappe hours ... take it or leave it? take it

2. do you have a "one that got away" in your past romantic life? ah, yes... from college. *sigh*

3. what is one job you would never take, no matter how much they paid you? I could not work with sewage/garbage/decomposing stuff.

4. what behaviour is completely unacceptable in someone you're dating? tardiness... for the love of Pete, pick up the phone if you're running late!!!!!

5. have you ever dated a co-worker? how did that work out? when I worked in retail, I dated one of the managers (in a different department) and it was fun while it lasted. We both knew it wasn't a "long haul" type of relationship. More like a fling.

6. have you ever been sexually harrassed, witnessed someone get sexually harrassed, or had a friend be sexually harrassed in the workplace? I don't recall anything at all

7. the opposite of #3 ... aside from being paid to loaf around and relax on a beach somewhere (or your lazy activity of choice), what's your dream job? I would love to be a life coach/motivational speaker

8. my new boss was totally shitty to me this week "on principle," and even snapped at me quite bitchily; my colleagues were horrified. you have the support of your colleagues, but not your boss ... you love your job - what do you do? buckle down, this too shall pass

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