saturday 8

spiders & funerals
but not necessarily in that order.

1. who was the last person close to you that passed away? my grandmother died in 2001

2. whose funeral did you last attend? I think it was my grandmother's--although I have been to calling hours for a few other people

3. i attended my aunt's funeral yesterday, who was cremated. that entire side of the family is cremated, but my mother's side doesn't 'believe' people should be cremated. are you planning on being cremated (keith richards jokes aside)? definitely! my whole family knows my wishes on this

4. my friend's uncle set aside enough money to take the entire funeral 'party' (whatever) out for a huge steak dinner after his funeral. do you have any special concessions for your funeral/wake, etc.? I want it to be festive not mournful. everyone has to tell a funny story. and there must be chocolate cake, lots and lots of chocolate.

5. two days ago, i went to the local park with my company and have fifty or sixty bites all over my back and legs from no-see-um bugs. i've had an insect bite allergy since i was little, and they're still all swollen and itchy and i will probably have to go to the doctor if they're not better by monday. are you sensitive or allergic to anything outdoors? I am deathly allergic to bee stings.

6. my older daughter has the same sensitivity to insect bites, but my youngest does not. do you share an allergy or condition with a close member of your family that the rest do not have? actually, there are two of us (myself and another sister) who do NOT have high cholesterol and two sisters who do have it.

7. last night, i was awoken by a huge spider crawling all over my FACE. when was the last time you were woken by a bug or spider? hmmm... can't recall

8. it's been in the upper 80s, but we're getting a cold snap and back in the 40s tomorrow. how's your weather going lately? wow... we are actually getting our winter now--green Christmas but feet of snow (with more on the way tomorrow) in mid-April

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