mr picassohead, i love you!

Mr. Picassohead

Would you like to try your hand at becoming a cubist painter? Mr. Picassohead allows the visitor to create his/her own original work of art by choosing the face, eyes, brows, lips, etc. All the budding artist has to do is creatively arrange these elements onto the screen. To finish your masterpiece, you'll have capability to color your canvas, rotate the various elements and also change their size. No need to worry about where to begin; there is a gallery of over 40,000 completed entries to jump start your creative abilities. Once completed, add your design to the Gallery for friends and family to view. Don't miss the search facility that accesses the archives by title, some newsworthy titles to be exact; these masterpieces can reflect the political and cultural overtones currently in vogue - 'Hello, Picasso!'


Paula said...

Sounds like fun. I will go check it out!

Erika said...

How cool!

Cristy S said...

How fun!