movie meme

Name your all-time favorite movie! (Or if you're like me, narrow it down to your top five!)
City of Angels, Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen, Mary Poppins, Crash and Glory

What genre of movie do you like best? uhhhhmmm... it's easier to say what I don't like--movies with unnecessary violence and gore... or movies about rappers in the 'hood.

What movie made you cry the most? Schindler's List makes me cry most often (I show it at school every year, usually two or more times per day)... cry the most? Four Weddings and a Funeral

Have you ever applauded during a movie in the theatre? Which one? If not, what would make you do that? I am usually quite an appreciative audience member--laughing, gasping, etc; Elf and Rent were clappers.

Do you own any soundtracks from movies? Which is your favorite and why did the music inspire you? I mostly buy soundtracks--they have a variety of songs--favorite is City of Angels, followed closely by Notting Hill, Serendipity, Practical Magic, The Phenomenom, Angus, Love Actually

Is there a particular actor or actress who inspires you? Why do you like him or her? Morgan Freeman, he's elegant; Glenn Close and Meryl Streep because I believe them in any part

Is there a particular actor or actress who you just dislike and will not see their movies? Why? I'm not a big Jim Carrey or Will Farrell fan. I used to not like Julia Roberts but... she grew on me. I haven't seen the past couple of Tom Cruise movies because he is too weird when promoting them.

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor? Which role would be your dream role? No... George Clooney's love interest

If there was ever a movie made of your life, who should star as you? uhmmmmmmmmm...Kathy Najimy?

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