If you've never heard of Timothy McSweeney, here is your opportunity to get acquainted. McSweeney describes this site as an 'offshoot of [his] quarterly concern, a journal created by nervous people in relative obscurity . . .' April being National Poetry Month, the current spotlight is on, what else, poetry – "Friendship broken like a paper clip / bent back and forth: expectation, dis- / appointment, expectation, disappointment. – Dean Young." Our host refuses to define how often articles are posted, promises to keep them 'readably' short 'unless something needs to be longer, in which case that piece will be longer,' admits to 'no design,' with no links or hyperlinks (he's unsure what these technicalities entail but there are none, so. . .). The real meat is in the archives, giving you access to all of the previously posted articles that have been proofread 'by an unqualified person.' What more could you ask! There's loads of fodder for thought, all thoroughly enjoyable and at times useful!

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