April 18, 2007
Remembering Yourself
Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Your motivation levels can run high today, providing you with all the enthusiasm and drive you need to tackle complex or challenging projects at work and home. You will likely feel dedicated to the tasks before you, whatever they may be, and all thoughts of unrelated concerns may fly from your head. Yet consider that your work duties do not encompass all that is important to you. You can ensure that you do not tax yourself too greatly today by remembering that your needs can be as vital as those of your loved ones, employers, and protégés. If you take steps to care for yourself, you will likely be pleased to find that you still have plenty of energy and time to concentrate on your worldly concerns.

We are better equipped to care for the concerns of those around us when we are both cognizant of and responsive to our own needs. Many people allow their dedication to a career path or their loved ones carry them away and consequently forget that they, too, are deserving of fulfillment. To avoid this type of single-minded neglect, we can make a commitment to ensure that we are always healthy and in balance. While this can mean working or serving others less so that we have time for ourselves, it often results in our accomplishing more than we ever thought possible. If you temper your dedication to duty with the understanding that your needs are important today, you will find that your motivation levels will soar accordingly.

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