friday fill-in

# 17
1. I love a _____! good laugh. Or big hug.

2. _____ is my downfall.
fear of success or compulsive/obsessive thinking

3. I went to the _____ to _____, but I _____!
Ford dealership to test drive a car but I didn't try one. They didn't have what I was interested in testing.

4. _____ is my favorite _____.
pizza is my favorite food.

5. If I had a _____ I'd _____.
a million dollars I 'd create a charitable foundation.

6. One of my favorite things to enjoy is _____!
sleeping in

7. I'm going to _____ this weekend!
celebrate spring--it's finally 63°F... spring is here!!!!

1 comment:

Janet said...

woohoo, 63!!! That's awesome!!!