friday fill-in

1. When I need inspiration _____! listen to music or focus on why I need inspiration

2. _____ is my favorite way to recharge my batteries. my New Year's Resolution of a monthly massage... ahhhhhhhh

3. I never get sick of _____. laughing or hugs, puppies or George Clooney

4. One of my fondest memories is _____. becoming friends with Dad--when we made that transition from me being a child to being an adult

5. _____ always makes me laugh. my nieces and nephews

6. I am _____, _____ and _____! intense, loving, intelligent

7. This weekend, I'm looking forward to _____. my monthly massage, spending time with my sister and VACATION!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Janet said...

ahhhh, a massage! I've been meaning to make an appointment! Thanks for playing :-)