friday fill-in

# 15

1. My favorite thing in an Easter basket is _____! I haven't had a basket in YEARS... so I guess chocolate and anything that is a fun surprise.
2. Easter means _____ to me. A special day to spend with my family.
3. The best part of the chocolate Easter bunny is _____. the belly
4. My memories of Easter as a child include_____. my sisters and I dressing alike, having our picture taken lined up by height, like steps.
5. _____ jelly beans are the ones I eat first. not sure I have a first... usually, I pick out the black beans and give them to someone else
6. I like _____ grass in my Easter basket! hmmm... not remembering a basket with grass in it...
7. On Easter, I'll be _____. relaxed

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Janet said...

lol I can imagine those pictures :-)

Thanks for playing!