the end is near

It's another vacation, coming to a close. Why do I feel disappointed to approach this day? It's been a good week--full of important challenges for me--from last weekend's sleep-over, to Therapy Thursday which was more than challenging. Maybe it's the weather. It's finallyfinallyfinally showing signs of spring: complete with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the 50s/60s. Funny how vacation started with a major snow storm and ends with glorious promise of spring.

One conflict I've worked on this week is the neighbor situation. I talked with my landlord yesterday about the pot smoking and constant partying. I think he finally got it. I told him in these exact words, "Next time I hear it late at night, I am calling the cops." And he encouraged me to do so. I shouldn't have to tell my neighbors to shut up after midnight. I shouldn't have to tell them anything about neighbor etiquette. We're all grown adults, what on earth makes them act like teenagers on their first trip through college? And they want to be teachers? Uhmmmm... not with drug use on your record. I don't think things are so different in Canada that a drug record will not prevent teaching certification. What are they thinking? Well, I guess that's it. They aren't. Stupid hags. (I was going to say "bitches" but that term is just... too overused to make the statement I want to make. I just don't like how that word has become casual.)

I didn't go anywhere. I didn't really do anything--although, I had lunch with MW and after TT, I met up with a student and her boyfriend, and tomorrow I'm meeting a former student and his girlfriend. So, what would make me feel like I did something? Wow, that's a good one. Well, I guess I should re-think that--I did have an eye appointment (and picked out very cool glasses) and a hair appointment.

Am I satisfied with this vacation? I don't know.
Am I relaxed after this vacation? Yes.
Am I ready to go back to school? NO--even though I KNOW this is the downhill for the rest of the year.

There's some piece of me that feels... I don't know, almost let down or disappointed. Maybe everyone feels that way at the end of vacation. The past few days, with sunlight and warmth, have scooted by so fast.

what if this is as good as it gets?

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