are you a hypochondriac?

Constant Exhaustion

Alarmist Scenario: Chronic fatigue syndrome.

More Likely Cause: Anemia, a thyroid disorder, depression, stress, or insomnia.

Reality Check: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that about 1 million people in the United States have chronic fatigue syndrome, making it fairly uncommon. Signs may include frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms, a sore throat, tender lymph nodes, extreme fatigue following mental or physical exertion, muscle and joint pain, and the inability to concentrate.

Rx: Get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, eat nutritious meals, exercise most days of the week, and try to reduce stress. Fatigue-causing ailments, like anemia and thyroid problems, can be diagnosed with blood tests and treated with medication and lifestyle changes.

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