Sizzle's 10

I totally stole this from Ms. Sizzle. She won't mind.

1. If money were no object, what would you be doing with your life? I would work with AIDS patients--perhaps children. Maybe even in Africa.

2. Money is just that - an object, so why aren’t you doing it? I have to pay my own way through this world.

3. What’s better: horses or cows? cows

4. What do you think the secret to happiness is? puppies, hugs, cookies & George Clooney... or, not taking myself too seriously and remembering that "this too shall pass."

5. When was the last time you had a dream that you either remember well or did not want to awake from? Can you share a bit? I don't remember my dreams very often... so I don't know and no.

6. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? happy... I believed (and I mean... BELIEVED) that I would die young like my mother did, so I never thought about a future that involved growing older... yeah, that's biting me in the ass now.

7. Complete this statement: Love is… please see my answer for # 4... oh, ok... knowing I am smart enough, good enough and--doggoneit--people like me!

8. Can you tell a good story? I would say so. I cannot tell a joke.

9. Can you remember your last daydream? What was it about? oooh, yes, this afternoon at about 2 o'clock, I wanted to bash books against the wall of the neighboring classroom--there was a substitute, showing a video (that was way too loud) to a group of freshmen who were talking and laughing over the film. I couldn't even hear myself think. bah!

10. If you were to thank someone today, who would you thank? I would thank the six random kids who came up to me this morning and hugged me. It was really neat. And I love hugs.

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