Separated Dog Brothers Find Each Other

Separated Dog Brothers Find Each Other

LA CROSSE, Wis. (March 23) - They were called Wallace and Gromit, a couple of abandoned yellow Labrador retriever siblings who wound up at the Coulee Region Humane Society.

The pups were 5 months old last June when they were adopted out, but to separate homes.

Months later, Pat Kucera at Diggity Dog Daycare noticed two yellow Labs named Levi and Cooper would "play like crazy" every time they got the chance during visits to his facility.

"They love playing chase, ring around the picnic table and face wrestling on the couches," Kucera said.

When he mentioned their behavior to their respective owners, Cyndy Lamb remembered the other pup she never forgot - the one that was with Cooper when she took him home from the humane society.

She asked Denice Mack, owner of Levi, about her dog's past and found out she too adopted her dog last June.

"When she said he was 5 months old when she got him, my heart stopped," Lamb said.

"I was so excited," Mack said, "because when we adopted (Levi), we knew there was another yellow Lab out there, and we wanted to find him and get together with him."

Mack and her husband Curt said they're hoping to set up play dates outside the daycare for the two long-lost Labs.

"I'm definitely going to take them up on that," Lamb said.

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