21 in 21

Twenty-one things I want to do in 2021

  1. Snowshoe or hike at least once a month.
  2. Read 75 books this year by reading for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.
  3. Knit 15 projects this year using stash yarn.
  4. Borrow from the library more than buying this year.
  5. Save $50-$100 per month.
  6. Meditate daily--either before bed or first thing in the morning.
  7. Call, email, or text immediate family members weekly or more frequently to touch base.
  8. Call, email, or text distant friends at least once per month.
  9. Make bed daily.
  10. Read 2 professional books that tie in to workshops I will attend.
  11. Cook a complete meal at least twice per week.
  12. Continue using my pneumatic pump daily.
  13. Enjoy flowers at least once a month.
  14. Use On-Demand more often than DVR.
  15. Create a realistic budget.
  16. Donate clothes each season.
  17. Make sure the kitchen sink is clean every night.  No dishes.
  18. Investigate retirement options.
  19. Organize yarn stash--donate yarn I will not use. Organize knitting patterns.
  20. Organize jewelry.  Donate pieces not worn.
  21. Take more pictures of everyday things.

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